There’s a time when all of us has wondered what the point of one seemingly pointless task or another is or why we must do it.  I know I certainly have.  As an adult I suppose those things that I question have changed but as a kid, even the most mudane of tasks is a source of annoyance.  Once again, Shel and Chuck prove that these kids aren’t so different than normal humans.

I’m all for the not making your bed, but I am a bit of a stickler for flushing the toilet.  Chuck’s alone on this one.

=Comic Transcript==================================
Shel: I hate cleaning. Why should I make my bed? I’m just going to mess it back up.
Chuck: Yeah really. Why put away clean dishes? Just going to use them again.

Shel: Exactly!
Chuck: And why flush? You’re just going to poop again.

Shel: Whoa. That is SO not the same.
Chuck: It’s not?
Shel: NO.