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The son of Death.  A pacifist who does not want to carry on the family business.  Into computers and music.

The son of Satan.  A happy-go-lucky kid who’s always getting in to trouble.  But what else could really be expected?  Loves porn.

The offspring of something similar to an ancient alien race that once ruled the galaxy and beyond.  Sleeps a lot.  May be his own father.

New student to the School of Oblivion and a descendant of many famous witches.  Has a bit of an attitude sometimes.

The son of a famous greek Cyclops.  He kind of comes off as a hillbilly but is fairly intelligent.

Genetically/sexually confused spawn of a gigantic lizard that has a love/hate relationship with the Japanese and their cities.

The son of a noble samurai clan from Japan.

New transfer student to the School of Oblivion.  Mysterious, overweight and loud.  No redeeming values as a ninja so far.

The son of a famous and ancient vampire bloodline.  Not exactly as smooth as his old man though.

Not yet officially introduced.

Not yet introduced (or drawn…)

The general staff of the School of Oblivion and many other stores and businesses are generally all zombies.  They are pretty easy to manage, work for little pay and need almost no benefits.  Although they do eat the occasional customer.  It’s a trade-off.