Thanks to everyone out there reading the comic.  It looks like this is going to a be a slow month for the comic.  It will be the first time that the readership has gone down for the month instead of up.  Be sure to link to the comic and tell your friends if you like it.  Any little bit helps.

I’ve posted a few comics that continued on in sequential order so far and a few “storylines” (I use that word liberally) will also be sequential.  Would you, as the readers, like me to provide links to the previous comics as the sequence goes on?  Or are you OK with not understanding what’s happened and clicking Previous Comic to find the beginning?

Either way is fine with me.  It doesn’t take much to link to the earlier comics but if it’s unnecessary, then I won’t waste our time.  Please leave your thoughts on this in the comments of this post if you don’t mind.