Who knew that it would actually last this long?  But here we are today with comic number 50 of A Little Scary.  All posted on time I might add *pats himself on the back*.  So of course to celebrate, I finished off the ice cream in the freezer while I worked on this comic.  It took much longer than normal since there are a number of new props that ‘had’ to be created.

And of course the kids get to celebrate a bit as well by getting to go to Oblivion Disneyland.  As you can see it’s a bit more dreary than your typical version on Earth.

So there you have it, I hope you enjoy and as always, if you enjoy the comic please spread the word!

=Comic transcript==============================
Zombie: You have just made it to 50 comics. What are you going to do now?
Deiter: We’re going to Disneyland!

Xilla: This isn’t Tokyo Disney?
Stan: Dammit… wrong hat.
Deiter: Chuck, where is your hat?
Chuck: This place is lame. You guys are lame. Your hats are lame.
Shel: Hey, look at this hat I found in a pile of broken brooms. I broke the brooms. It was self-defense.