Infomercials. Paid, half-hour long commercials for a single product on television.  Commercials presented by game-show host wannabe rejects and sales people who sold their souls to Stan’s Dad.  We all hate them.  And yet I doubt many people can honestly say that they haven’t sit through one of these wastes of time and money at some point in your life.  I know I can’t.  It would seem that Shel can’t say it either.

How can something that’s safe to drink clean up that caked on grease on the kitchen counter?  I had to know.

 =Comic Transcript==================
Shel: I like whenever someone says: ‘You can drink it like water.’
Stan: Huh?

Shel: It’s always something you shouldn’t be drinking at all.
Stan: No, just not that much. Like soda or maple syrup, for example.

Shel: I was thinking about the guy on TV who shows how safe the organic kitchen cleaner is.
Stan: Oh… point taken.