My wife and I just purchased a house today and we are exhausted from all the running around that goes along with that.  However, I promised details on the upcoming Halloween Week and so here they are.  Next week is big for A Little Scary.  Considering the content and characters of the comic, it only makes sense that Halloween is the comics most important holiday.

So in recognition of this great event I will be altering the comic schedule for this week only.  Assuming nothing horrible happens with the house or my wife goes into labor (yeah we are expecting a baby any day now in addition to the stress of buying a house) there will be a total of FIVE new comics next week.  One comic for each weekday ending on Halloween.

So check back in next week for a comic a day and tell your friends.  Don’t tell your family though.  Things are going to get ugly in those five comics.  Trust me.  You may want to avert your eyes.

You have been warned.