Some people will only date those who share the same color skin as themselves.  Some people could care less what color a person’s skin is and looks at the person as a whole.  Then there’s people like Chuck.  At least he let’s Xilla know where they stand.

=Comic Transcript============
Xilla: Chuck! Chuck! Wait up!
Chuck: What? Why?

Xilla: There’s going to be a fabulous party tonight but I need a date!
Chuck: So why are you bothering me?
Xilla: Well, I just thought…

Xilla: I’m green… you’re green….
Chuck: I have seen and done some bizarre things in my life but I have to tell you I’d rather slide down a hill made of razor blades than be seen in public with you.
Xilla: Ouch. Is that a no? That’s a no, isn’t it?