I noticed that someone had been trying to hack my accounts.  I think I was lucky enough to catch them in time and change all my passwords.  However, during that time I noticed just how long it had been since I had even looked at this site.  When I looked at the page I noticed that Firefox was blocking a pop-up.  I have never had pop-ups on any of my sites.  Then my Sophos anti-virus popped a warning that it had blocked a Trojan coming from this site.  WTF?

So my apologies to anyone who came to this site and was not properly protected from malicious code.  Somewhere along the line, someone figured out a way to add code to one of my web sites files without altering the modify date and time on the file itself.  I have no idea who, how or why, but I will be adding a few extra bits of security.  I am relatively sure that I fixed the problem but if anyone notices anything else, please comment or send an email.  If you have looked at this site at least in the past month or two and didn’t get prompted for a virus and you saw a warning about a pop-up or a pop-up then I highly suggest you run a full virus scan.

I swear if I could find out who was responsible for this I would send Stan over to visit them in the night and pretend they were a goat….