This comic is of course dedicated to the second anniversary of Muse and I being married.  We’ve been through a lot together and with our first baby on the way we have a lot more to look forward to.  Stan and Deiter aren’t nearly as interested it seems though.  They’ll learn.  Oh yes…  they’ll learn.

Yes the anniversary date actually was yesterday.  I knew that.  Mostly.

=Comic Transcript============================================
Deiter: The guy who writes our scripts seems to think we will just make personal announcements for him whenever he feels like it. Normally I’d take issue with that but considering the message I’ll let it slide.
Stan: What?

Deiter: He wants to let everyone know that it is the second anniversary since he and his wife got married. There’s some sappy crap… blah blah blah… where does he come up with this stuff?
Stan: Um, should we tell him that their anniversary was actually yesterday?

Deiter: There’s a note at the bottom. It says that if he got the date wrong then we should correct it before we go live.
Stan: So does this mean we have to start proof-reading now?
Deiter: Why start now?