I suppose it kind of figures that Deiter would be interested in music. He’s probably the type to be in band class while Stan would be kicking other kids in the nuts on the football field. Of course there’s no proof that this has ever happened. I’m just speculating.

For those who remember, this comic has a subtle reference to this comic: A Little Chilly

=Comic Transcript===========================================
Stan: What’s up little D?
Dieter: I’ve been thinking I want to try to learn to play guitar.

Stan: That’s pretty tough. And you without skin… really hard to hold the strings.
Deiter: Not necessarily.
Stan: Why’s that?

Deiter: All I have to do is etch grooves into my finger bone tips.
Stan: And your lack of ears?
Deiter: I can still hear your sorry ass.
Stan: At least I have an ass.