Friends should stick up for each other. However, I think everyone has been in a situation when it would have been better if your friends had not tried to help.  It’s just the way things work.  I don’t think Deiter would need or willingly accept Stan’s help.  Now you can see why.  Plus there’s always strings attached….

=Comic Transcript=======================================
Stan: I overheard some of the zombies talking about you.
Deiter: Yeah?
Stan: Yeah they were trying to decide if you had a brain they could eat.

Stan: But they just argued about it so I came to your defense!
Deiter: What did you say?
Stan: I told them that you definitely do not have a brain.

Stan: Completely mindless. Not a single brain cell in that empty skull of yours.
Deiter: And I should thank you for that?
Stan: Nah, just watching out for my friend.
Deiter: Why am I your friend again?==================================================