It’s not the inter-dimensional chili itself that causes problems.  It’s the completely unpredictable side effects that make it danger to not only those who eat it but everyone around them.

This one was completely unplanned and unscripted.  I was just doodling and started drawing the kids.  I know they look like crap.  I always say I’m going to practice drawing them but I never do and it shows.  Ah well, I just thought I’d try something new.  Something to spice things up a bit.  It’s a one shot.

=Comic transcript====================
Stan: Oh! I don’t feel so good.

Deiter: What the…?
Stan: Oh wow. That was a bad one. At least it didn’t smell!
Chuck: This is all your fault Stan. You just had to have that inter-dimensional chili.
Shel: This is just great. Couldn’t we at least look like we were drawn by someone with talent?
Ninja: Ninja is where?