You know someone like this.  Every single time you are planning on going somewhere, they aren’t ready.  That one person in your group who always makes you late.  Everyone knows that person.  Well, Stan is that person always making his friends late.  Of course this time he has a good excuse.  He’s getting in his costume.  Right?

Check back tomorrow and Friday!

=Comic Transcript=====================
Deiter: Has anyone seen Stan?
Chuck: He said he had to go get into his costume.
Shel: When was that?

Deiter: We’re going to be late for the party. Why did he have to wait till the last minute?
Chuck: I’m not sure. He said something about having to get a snack for his costume though.
Deiter: What?!?
Chuck: Which – upon reflection – seems odd.

Deiter: You don’t think…
Chuck: I think we better find him. This could get ugly.
Shel: How bad can it be? It’s just a costume.
Chuck: Have you met Stan?