If you haven’t heard, this whole week of Halloween has a new comic every day!  If you’re just coming in to the storyline (What? Stop laughing. It’s a story. Mostly.) then go back to Monday and start from there.  And be sure to tune in tomorrow for the Epic Conclusion!!

Actually it’s just plain bad and you shouldn’t look at tomorrow’s comic.  You’ll hate it.  Seriously.  Just skip tomorrow’s comic.  You’ll eyes will thank you.

Oh yeah… about this comic.  The rest of the gang found Stan.

Wow.  That was anti-climactic.  Let’s try that again.

In this comic, our costumed heroes have tracked down their missing comrade.  Eagerly they try and decide who will get the honor of opening the door and finding the source of the mysterious noises.  What will they find?  Come back tomorrow to find out!

That’s better.  But still… just avoid tomorrow.

=Comic Transcript========================
Chuck: He’s in there. I can sense him. And he’s not alone.
Deiter: Sense him? I can hear him just fine.
Shel: What the heck is he doing in there?  It sounds horrible!

Chuck: Well I can tell you right now that I’m not opening that door.
Shel: Someone needs to… he has our invitations.
Chuck: Hey ninja! Open that door and look for Stan.
Ninja: Pika.*
Chuck: Dammit
* NO.