Thanks to the guy who writes the scripts for these kids, the goings-on of important earthly things do not go unnoticed in Oblivion.  Deiter gets annoyed with our petty mortal issues some times but that’s what he gets for signing on with me.  He can handle it.

=Comic Transcript===========
Deiter: On Earth, the United States of America has elected a new leader.
Stan: What?
Deiter: Ah, I see you found your clothes.
Stan: Yeah. And you’re talking to yourself again.

Deiter: I was just commenting about the recent elections on Earth.
Stan: Yeah I heard about that.
Deiter: The first black man as president of that country.

Deiter: It’s pretty historic.  People are eagerly waiting to feel the change that was promised.
Stan: I think I just felt a little change right there.
Deiter: No, that was gas.
Stan: Oh yeah you’re right. Still… I might need a change….
Deiter: Eewww