Sorry for the sort of non-comic.  My wife’s water broke on Firday afternoon and we just left the hospital with the baby this (Wednesday) afternoon.  As you can imagine things have been stressful, tiring and many other descriptive words that I can’t remember at the moment.  Comics have, unfortunately, not been a top priority.

Wow… that baby can scream when she wants to.  I think I’m deaf in my left ear now.

=Comic transcript=============
Deiter: The guy who writes our scripts and his wife spent almost a whole week in the hospital.  They are both exhausted and alone in their new home with their new baby.
Chuck: Yeah, I can’t imagine that.

Deiter: So that made me think of a joke. A baby and a donkey walk into a bar.  The donkey says to the bartender… Hey!

Deiter: Wait! Where are you going?

Deiter: *sigh* Coming up with jokes is hard. Hey, script guy! Get that baby stuff figured out and write us a script already! Slacker….